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Toni Newman

Five-time award winning business owner, is a highly sought after Innovation Catalyst and professional speaker with an uncanny ability to help her clients turn information into innovation and ideas into results. With years of business experience in fields as diverse as law, advertising, tourism, entertainment and event management, Toni brings a uniquely powerful mix of strategy, creativity and real world insight to the table.

Credentials: Five-time award winning entrepreneur who has been helping businesses drive growth through strategic innovation since 1998.

Expertise: Customer TouchpointInnovation: a highly innovative and systematic approach to customer engagement that enables you to attract, keep and engage more customers more often so that you can grow your business.

Passions: Family, chocolate and helping businesses to attract, keep and engage more customers more often.

Past lives: Family law litigation lawyer, advertising executive, nightclub singer and Club Med G.O. in over 15 countries through out the world.

Where she gets her best ideas: In the shower. (Where do you get your best ideas?)

Favorite saying: Why Not!

Address: Bosques de Ciruelos No. 194, PH 1, Bosques de las Lomas, 11700, Miguel Hidalgo, México D.F.

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