Buhle Dlamini (Semblanza)

Buhle Dlamini is an International Speaking Consultant with a consulting business based in Canada as well as South Africa. He has proven himself in the youth development field, business, public speaking, media and social entrepreneurship.His resume in just over a decade of professional work speaks for itself.  

As a speaker Buhle never ceases to deliver a gripping and memorable experience with his genuine sense of humour, smile and great content. He is as comfortable speaking to a group of top managers and CEO’s as he is speaking to teenagers in a school prize-giving.One of the most common accolade is that he is able to connect with anyone and make them feel like they’ve always known him.  

Buhle has had a long standing link with The Salvation Army from his youth to date, which connects his faith and his desire to make a difference in the world. He has also been involved with Heartlines, a Mass Media Initiative that promotes good values through media and social action.