David Meerman (Conferencias)

Want to generate attention in today’s always-on, Web-driven world? The answer isn’t just slapping social media onto dusty old strategies. The rules have changed.  David Meerman Scott cuts through the confusing new communication landscape and lays out meaningful, measurable and no-cost strategies to instantly reach your audiences directly. This informative, entertaining and high-energy presentation shows the best examples of success from a wide variety of large and small organizations — from business-to-business outfits to rock bands, nonprofits to entrepreneurial growth businesses.  Scott energizes people to put fear aside and inspires them with confidence to apply new thinking: social media are the tools – but Real-Time is the crucial mindset.  With a rebel’s heart, Scott abandons the controlled and message-driven advertising and PR paradigm.  He shows how to win the hearts and minds of your audience using blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Newsjacking, and other new tools — by creating content that they’re eager to share.

Today’s communications revolution presents tremendous growth opportunities for those who know how to tap this once-in-a-millennium transformation.  Gone are the days of planning marketing and public relations programs to suit your timetable. It’s a Real-Time world now — if you’re not engaged, you’ve opened doors for your competition.  David Meerman Scott shows how to make the power of Real-Time to work for you!   His inspiring, high-energy presentations are tailored to each audience, revealing ways to generate attention for products and services in minutes (not months.)   Audiences walk away with relevant and actionable ideas: how to develop (or refine) products or services based on feedback from customers or events in the marketplace; how to engage when people are eager to do business; how to make speed and agility a competitive weapon; how to get the media talking about you; and much more.  Real-Time business means acting first — and — while your competitors scramble to adjust, opening new channels that grow your brand.  Scott shows how to succeed NOW . . . in Real-Time.

The ongoing communications revolution has profoundly affected how sales and service is done.  Buyers are now in charge!  Referencing blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and other Web-based tools, they often bypass the traditional selling model altogether – learning for themselves about your products/services, your competitors, and what customers say about you (whether true or not!).  Don’t struggle to adjust to this new environment – be agile and master it.  David Meerman Scott inspires audiences with fresh, real-world tested strategies and tactics for establishing and maintaining relationships and building new business.   The key is an agile Real-Time mindset and an arsenal of new communication tools.  Scott shows how to use them to win hearts and minds by creating low-cost (and no-cost!), measurable strategies and tactics that help buyers you don’t yet know discover you!  He shows why the best salespeople have become information curators – communicating by delivering the precise information that buyers need at just the right time and in just the right way. Agile, Real-Time sellingmeans gaining more customers with fewer resources – and David Meerman Scott shows you how to make it happen.

What every business can learn from the most iconic band in history. The Grateful Dead broke almost every rule in the music industry book. They encouraged their fans to record shows and trade tapes; they built a mailing list and sold concert tickets directly to fans; and they built their business model on live concerts, not album sales. Learn key innovations from the Dead’s approach you can apply to your business. Find out how to make your fans equal partners in your journey, “lose control” to win, create passionate loyalty, and experience the kind of marketing gains that will not fade away.

In July 1969, ninety-four percent of American televisions were tuned to coverage of Apollo 11’s mission to the Moon. How did space exploration, once the purview of rocket scientists, reach a larger audience than Laugh-In? Why did a government program whose standard operating procedure had been secrecy turn its greatest achievement into a communal experience? In Marketing the Moon, David Meerman Scott tells the story of one of the most successful marketing and public relations campaigns in history: the selling of the Apollo program, featuring heroic astronauts, press-savvy rocket scientists, enthusiastic reporters, deep-pocketed defense contractors, and Tang.

David Meerman Scott leads this live masterclass where entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers learn a step-by-step framework for building an online sales and marketing strategy and a tactical, actionable plan to reach buyers directly and in Real-Time.

The in-person session details a powerful new way to get attention using real-time communications tools including social networking, blogs, viral marketing, podcasts, online video, search engine marketing and online thought-leadership. Learn why sales and marketing on the Web is different. Understand how to speak directly to your customers and buyers by creating compelling content they’re eager to share instead of bombarding them with advertising they’ll likely ignore. See why “you are what you publish” and learn strategies to execute viral and Real-Time engagement that wins hearts and minds and gets attention. By the end of the masterclass, participants will be ready to create a cohesive sales and marketing strategy and will know the tactics to succeed.

Top firms and organizations have engaged Scott to present at conferences, expos and meetings, among them: Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, PwC, GenRe, SAP, Google, Microsoft, Schlumberger, McCormick, Nestle Purina, Amdocs, Jackson Healthcare, Ford Motor Company, Century 21, The New York Islanders, Direct Selling Association, Lewis PR, Insight, Bail USA, Sitecore, TechData, Travel Manitoba, Oticon, Selling Power Magazine, Cycling Sports Group, National Association of Elementary School Principals, Natixis Global Asset Management, Intellisphere, Self Storage Association, Mosaic, Direct Marketing Association, South-by-Southwest, National Healthcare Marketing Summit, Kronos, Public Relations Society of America, National Geographic, Ingram Micro, Abbott Medical Devices, NASDAQ Stock Market, the Government of Ontario, McKesson, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps, Digital River, Hill & Knowlton, Dow Jones, SAS, National Investor Relations Institute, The Milken Institute, Entrepreneurs Organization, International Health Forum, Credit Union National Association, Giant Screen Theater Association, Realtors® Conference, National Agri-Marketing Association, Belize Tourism Industry Association and many, many more.