Gary Bailey (Semblanza)

Gary Bailey has been a professional speaker for over 25 years, and was inducted into the speakers Hall of Fame (SA) in 2010. He co-wrote a book with Professor Rakesh Sondhi of Henley in Oxford in 2010, titled Succeed Under Pressure, and the forward was by his famous ex manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Gary has spoken for virtually every top company, in North and South America, Africa, Middle East, Europe and the Far East – companies include Microsoft, IBM, Nike, Coca Cola, AON, Mercedes Benz, SAB Miller and many many more.His topic of “Success Under Pressure” is based on his own experiences of how to keep goal for the biggest sports franchise in the world, Manchester United; then to be a TV presenter for 25 years and always having to look good and say the right things: to nearly going bankrupt after being a dollar millionaire before he was 30, and many more stories of stress and pressure that he has dealt with using his 5 GREAT principles.

He now enjoys speaking with his wife, Michelle Mclean-Bailey, who as Miss Universe in 1992 has also lived an incredibly pressurized life and together they not only share their stories and how they use the GREAT principles, but also how to make the principles a habit that will lead to greater success.