Miha Pogacnik (Semblanza)

An exceptional virtuoso, both on the musical stage as well as on the management platform. He is the creative force behind cultural and diplomatic missions; his music is medium for his thoughts and his vision development.

Because of amb. Pogacnik’s active engagement in cultural, business and political spheres as well as academia and civil society, his vision led him to explore influence of formative principles of Art on evolution of society. It is his practical insight that creative environments need to be developed, where on a raised resonance platform Art forces attract, “compose” and bind together different social fields. However, one can not overlook the fact that humanity today equals economic society, hence his strategy to work primarily in the business sphere through his method of interdisciplinary transfer from musical masterpieces to leadership development, inspiring scores of global brands companies like Shell, Novartis, ING, Porsche, Nike and Microsoft, leading business schools, UN agencies and gatherings like Alpbach and World Economic Forum.

His integration intentions are reflected in the European regional development project Terra Parzival with his innovative Macro Violin principle leading to development of Polyphonic European Identity and through it to co.creation of the New European Leadership Style.

Prior to this Miha Pogacnik developed unique IDRIART movement in 80’s and 90’s, exploring the power of Art in creation of over 200 intercultural festivals in crises areas of the world. He introduced a social innovation where international audiences travelled with artists and actively participated in upheavals and transformations on all continents. This movement originated in the first Chartres Festival d’Ete initiated by Miha Pogacnik in 1981.

Miha Pogacnik was born in Kranj, Slovenia, studied in Ljubljana and Cologne, Germany. His international concert career started in 1973 after completing his studies as Fulbright scholar in the United States. He holds the position of Adjunct Professor at IEDC Bled – School of Management, is CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of Idriart, Managing Director of Ecoculture and President of Gandin Foundation.