Mitch Lowe (Semblanza)

Mitch Lowe is the CEO of Movie Pass. formerly, Mitch served as the President of Redbox and was a co-founding executive of Netflix.
Mitch joined Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph when Netflix the startup was just an idea. In 1997, Mitch served as Netflix’s Entertainment Domain Expert and as Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances until 2003.

Not long after, Mitch joined the investment group at McDonalds to co-lead as COO. Around the same time, he also joined a new video rental company called RedBox, where he later became President.

As RedBox President, Mitch helped grow the number of kiosks from 6 to over 35,000, bringing in $1.5 billion in revenue.

Continuing his influence in the video rental industry, in June of 2016, Mitch came on as CEO of Moviepass. Moviepass is a theater-based subscription service that could be described as “Netflix for the movie theater.”

Mitch has made many personal investments in start-ups primarily in entertainment. He currently sits on the board of Cantaloupe Systems, Booxby, and Vidbox.