Peter Chapman (Semblanza)

If you want to understand the food industry Peter can help. Hiscommitment is to help you navigate in the marketplace and get your items into the shopping cart of the consumer more often.

An in-depth knowledge of the retail landscape and consumers is a real benefit to producers, processors and retailers who want to grow their sales. He has practical experience – from developing relationships with suppliers throughout the supply chain, to retail merchandising. His new book a la cart, was written to be a supplier’s guide to retailers’ priorities.
Peter considers a privilege to speak to audiences of producers, processors, industry associations, store managers and retailers. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

He started GPS Business Solutions to provide services to producers and retailers who want to increase their sales. Prior to starting GPS Business Solutions, he worked for 19 years with Canadas largest food retailer, Loblaw. His time at Loblaw included positions in various departments, such as merchandising, marketing, advertising and real estate.

Your organization will benefit from his passion for retail.  His speeches and workshops include many real examples of what is happening in retail today. He invites you to go up and down the aisles of the store and behind the closed doors of the retailers to understand how to maximize the opportunity. The ultimate goal is to get more items in to the shopping cart.