Toni Newman (Conferencias)

Attract, Keep and Engage More Customers More Often
Why you?
No really… why you?
Why should your perfect customers do business with you?
Every day our clients are looking for new and better reasons to do or continue to do business with us.
If we can’t provide them with those reasons; if we aren’t clear on how to create, demonstrate and deliver more value to more clients more often than our competition, those customers WILL go elsewhere.
In fact, for some of you, maybe they already have.
In this dynamic, thought provoking and content rich session Toni will challenge you to dare 2b different; to defy the status quo; to re-think and re-imagine every aspect of how you do what you do – all while providing you with the strategically innovative tools and techniques that have helped both Toni and her clients differentiate themselves from their competition and drive significant growth in their businesses.
If you have more business than you can handle, no competition to speak of and a market position that is so secure that you sometimes just get bored with it all, then this program is probably not for you!
On the other hand, if you are a dynamic, customer-centric organization that wants to.

Revitalize visibility in a crowded marketplace;
Drive greater revenues from both new and existing customers; and
Engage clients in sales conversations that focus more on value than they do on price,

then this program will introduce your team to our proven process for designing innovative customer experiences that will both differentiate you from your competition and significantly increase the number of customers that you do business with.
 This keynote delivers the greatest value to…
Sales teams, Senior Leadership teams, Entrepreneurs and Independent Service Professionals

How great Leaders turn Inspiration into Innovation and Ideas into Results

Innovate 2 Differentiate !

If you are a business leader, chances are that you already buy into the importance of innovation as a differentiator in the today’s fiercely competitive and infuriatingly commoditized marketplace.

But here’s the challenge

Although encouraging your team to share more ideas sounds easy enough, it turns out that understanding how to create and sustain a culture that will actually spark more ideas from more people more often so that you can get more of the results that you want is more easily said than done.

All great innovative organizations have visionary leaders (that would be you) who are committed to driving innovation from the top down.

The Everyday Innovators™ keynote is designed to guide those leaders through the essential criteria for creating a culture that not only sparks innovation but that ensures sustainability in the long term.

Is this program right for your organization?

If you are part of a leadership team that has been tasked to drive innovation as a competitive advantage in your organization, then the timing for this high-value, content rich program is perfect.

If you think that your team could benefit from a program that will Debrief some of the most successfully innovative cultures in the world;

Show you how to spark the 6 key characteristics of Everyday Innovators™; and

Provide your team with a proven innovation framework that will turn more inspiration into innovation and more ideas into more results more often

then this keynote will equip your leadership team with the tools and techniques required to gain and sustain your own unique Innovation Advantage in the marketplace.

The Everyday Innovators keynote delivers the greatest value to…

Leaders and business owners who are in a position to influence the culture of their organization.

Because a missed idea is a missed opportunity to make a difference

Sound familiar?

Lower budgets…

Fewer resources…

Tighter timelines…

Higher expectations…

Everywhere you look, really wonderful people are being asked to do really important things with so much less than they had before.

The harsh reality is that the way things used to be done has left the building and it’s not coming back anytime soon.

But faced with so much change, how do we continue to deliver value to those we serve? Is it possible to be different in ways that actually make a difference?

Toni’s signature Why? Why Not! keynote has been delivered to thousands of participants all over the world who to this day still use Why Not! as the rallying cry for change and innovation within their own organizations. Fast-paced, entertaining, thought provoking and highly relevant to today’s challenging workplace reality, this session is about thinking outside the box when you don’t know what the box will look like tomorrow.

Is this program right for your organization?

If being asked to do more with less is starting to take its toll on your team then this program is probably a really good fit.

Because even the greatest of intentions can run dry when the demands are too high. And in many cases, all those good intentions need is a shot of Why Not!

If you think that your organization could benefit from a program that will

Re-energize the collective imagination of the team;

Inspire attendees to think differently and share ideas openly; and

Introduce an easy and practical framework for coming up with ideas that can actually make a difference, then this keynote will help everyone on your team tap into their own unique source of innovative ideas. But be prepared to leave your comfort zones at the door! Why Not! is all about Imagining the possibilities!

This keynote delivers the greatest value to…

Employee groups of private, public and not-for-profit sector organizations.