Elaine Froese (Semblanza)

Elaine Froese (pronounced phrase) is a professional speaker, writer, and coach who specializes in helping farm families work through issues surrounding succession, business or that family favorite – communication.

When it comes to succession issues and «who gets the farm» – many families just don’t want to talk about it. It is time for practical tools for courageous conversations.

As a professional farm family coach, Elaine specializes in helping families work through the tough issues to take action. She creates a safe place for families to meet, plan for change and clarify expectations.

As a farm partner in Froese Family Farms near Boissevain in southwestern Manitoba, Elaine needs to get her documents organized just like you do. Her husband and son are hard to wrangle down for family meetings.

As a new mother-in-law, Elaine is finding ways to encourage all voices to be heard at the planning table. She launched her new book «Farming’s In Law Factor» in 2014. Her other books are «Planting the Seed of Hope» and «Do the Tough Things Right.»

Studies show that farm families who talk regularly are 21% more profitable. Elaine not only assists families to meet and to talk – but to act! The cost of not acting is huge, your business’s legacy depends on your determination to get things done.

Recently, Faith Today magazine dubbed Elaine «Canada’s Farm Whisperer», an interesting title for someone who has coached families across Canada for the past 10 years and sat at kitchen tables for over 35 years. She’s been a columnist in Grainews for 20 years. Elaine is a member of the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors, and the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers with the CSP, certified speaking professional designation. Many folks tell Elaine that they «wish they had met her ten years ago.»

A professional business coach, with certification from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, Elaine has years of experience in conflict resolution and mediation, as well as a degree in Home Economics.

Published Author
Elaine is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and an award-winning author of two books: Planting the Seed of Hope: A Celebration of Prairie Life and Do the Tough Things Right.
Elaine writes a regular agricultural column for Grainews, and previously appeared on Canada’s national AgVision TV.

Agriculture Expert
She grew up on a farm, lives on a farm, and understands agriculture from the ground up. Her expertise is sought after across Canada, and farming areas in the U.S.
She currently farms with her family in southwestern Manitoba.