Niels Van Roij (Semblanza)

Niels van Roij is a Dutch car designer living and working in London, from where he runs his award winning design studio. Through his automotive atelier Niels has worked on many projects for the transportation – and design industries.
He worked on research for Volvo, on the inclusively designed Future London Taxi: re-imagining the London icon for car-maker Karsan and was involved in projects with Ford, electric car companies and 10 Downing Street. Generating design strategies and brand DNA’s, through design thinking processes, is also an important part of what Niels does.
For Van Roij’s design studio a team of highly skilled designers are working on a wide variation of interdisciplinary automotive projects, using advanced technology and sophisticated creative processes – from concept generation to final execution.
Van Roij’s work was featured internationally, amongst others, in the London Transport Museum and the Victoria&Albert Museum.

He is Director of Design for Saluqi Motors – manufacturer of super high efficient electric mobility solutions and gives the Master Automotive Design to the world of business and automotive. Making coachbuilding – handmade, fully tailor made cars – available for a larger group of car and design enthusiasts has been a recent focus for Niels van Roij Design – several bespoke vehicles, based on different platforms, are planned the first being based on the innovative fully electric Tesla Model S.